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Hey there,

As women, we are natural receivers and hold on to soooooo much.  Over time it shows up in our menstruation and we ignore it.  I know I did until I learned a different way and now I have freed myself from those period issues and corrected my fertility issues.

What many of us believe is normal about our period and the pain that comes along with it, is completely false.  There are many symptoms that have become common as it relates to our monthly menstrual flow but are definitely not normal.

As a teenager I would be laid flat for the first 2 days of my menstrual flow until I created a partnership with Motrin aka Ibuprofen.  I took 800mg every 2 hours to keep my pain away so I could function. 

It was not until I started on my journey to reset my body so it would be able to carry a baby that I found out the way I was eating and the products I used caused my estrogen dominance and those painful monthly issues.  This was a huge revelation and such a relief.  I went from having a five day flow to a 3-4 day flow.  I now have a 4 a flow.  I was and still am ecstatic when my period comes every month because it's smooth, easy and pain free.  

Plus ... looking back, I experienced pain for close to 20 years and now I have been pain-free since 2005 and love it.  How many years have you been experiencing your period related pain? 

Could you commit to releasing and letting go to start reversing that pain for your womb health's sake?

The fact that you are still reading this lets me know that you want relief from your monthly pain plus stop making your fertility mean something about you.  It is a part of you, not all of you.  If you are ready to get started just click the "I Am Ready To Heal" button and I will see you on the inside. 

This membership was born because I see and talk to many women who are living someone else's dream of who they should be instead of walking in their God given purpose.  Finding out my purpose led me here with you today. 

Check out what Shelly had to say about her session with me.

"I whole-heartedly endorse Cathyann. She is understanding, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable. I have a history of heavy menstrual cycles. Throughout my flow days, that would be at the forefront of my mind due to fear of leaks, etc. During my clarity session with Cathyann, she was very thorough and tailored her suggestions to my specific needs. I took notes of her suggestions and decided to incorporate them into my life one at a time. The first change I made was small, but it made a huge difference a couple weeks later when I experienced my next cycle. I went through my work day not thinking about leaks at all because my flow was stress-free. For the first time in my life, I forgot I was “on my period”! I look forward to discovering future changes as I incorporate more of Cathyann’s suggestions."

And what Andrea had to say about her Menstrual Cycle Analysis consultation with me.  This is included in my your masterclass pre-work.

I had a session with Cathyann Greenidge-Ellison a while ago. My cycle is only 4 days, but it was coming every 23-24 days. She walked me through an evaluation and helped me understand I was dealing with uterine fatigue and a few other things. It took me a minute to implement some things, but when I was ready, looked back at her advice and the herbs she suggested and decided to use them to do a vaginal steam. (I used the link I provided above to figure out how to set up everything without the box. I also followed the advice for how to steam for my situations.) The first time I squatted over my pot in July, when I finished my cycle had started. 24 days later, my cycle started again. I had read that the next one might feel more intense as old blood emptied out... 😥 it was definitely MORE INTENSE for me. 26 days later my cycle started in September. I had a few cramps, but not like the month before. On Friday, 28 DAYS AFTER MY LAST CYCLE, I came on my cycle and it has been 😌peaceful. I have been steaming between my cycles... I have not had a cycle like this in almost 20 years when my cycle was like clockwork... every 28 days. Yaa Oyafunmike, remember I have been telling you about my journey. I MADE IT TO 28 DAYS AGAIN!!!!!👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 I even feel different and I believe it is because my body has not been releasing soooo much blood soooo frequently. I am sooo grateful.🙏🏿

Since you are still reading, that lets me know you are ready to fight for what you need and you are ready to do your work with my support as you will get results faster. Now keep going to find out a little about me and what I do to support women.

I'm Cathyann. I help high achieving women who have experienced a miscarriage and are tired of painful, long and heavy periods plus feel miserable in their careers and lives.  These women, like you, are looking for easy healthy ways to relieve period and pelvic pain while nourishing your body in preparation for conceiving naturally. I use highly specialized services that help you to effortlessly add safe herbal infusions and foods to your day.  When I'm not working with you virtually from the comfort of your home or in person during a VIP weekend, I can be found curled up under a blanket watching an action movie or making my womb promise pendants with rose quartz and green aventurine because it's all about that womb heart connection.

I am available and excited to connect with you, so click the button to choose your membership level. See you on the inside.

Let's FLOW 🤗💃🏾

Cathyann 🥰

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